Chef Emmanuel Oh

Chef Manny has felt an innate desire to feed others his whole life. And by others, we mean ALL others-- even household appliances. “I liked eating so much, I thought other things-- like the VCR-- needed to eat as well. One day I had a sandwich, and I fed it to the VCR. We ended up having to buy a new one.”

The need to feed never ended for Chef Manny. He went to school for Chemistry, but realized he would rather be mixing and measuring edible ingredients than chemicals. And thus, his career in baking and pastry was born. “In baking everything has to be precise, but it's also really experimental, learning and really understanding how ingredients work, and playing around with them.” Baking also appeals to his own taste. “I have a huge sweet tooth,” he says. “Most people eventually get sugared out. That never happens to me.”

Chef Emmanuel Oh working in the kitchen

More About This Chef

Favorite Food

Korean Beef & Radish Stew and Tacos al Pastor

Favorite Minor’s® product

Minor’s® Classical Reductions Reduced Brown Stock

Geographic Region

Corporate Chef


The Ohio State University – Bachelor’s in Chemistry

The Culinary Institute of America – AOS in Baking & Pastry

Major Achievements/Awards

Francis Roth Leadership Award

Graduation Class Speaker for The Culinary Institute of America

Work History

  • Goodman’s- Columbus, OH
  • Morimoto- Napa, CA