Shakshuka in a pan

Harissa Sauce

Spice it up. On a deeper level.

Enter a new flavor dimension with MINOR’S® Harissa Sauce. It’s a globally-inspired blend of smoky roasted red peppers and robust spices for a touch of tantalizing heat with every spoonful.

Usage Ideas From Our Kitchens

  • Use as a marinade for chicken, meat or seafood for a flavorful kick.
  • Elevate your menu by offering Harissa in a “sauce flight” of dipping sauces to explore with crispy wings.
  • Mix into a bloody mary for a pop of spice.
  • Create a delicious glaze using Harissa sauce, honey, and lemon juice. Brush it over salmon fillets before baking or grilling for a spicy and flavorful seafood dish.
  • Mix Harissa sauce into your ground meat mixture when making burgers. The heat and depth of flavor from Harissa will take your burgers to the next level. Serve them with your favorite toppings and buns.

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