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Get ready to work your magic. No prep required.

You heard that right. Ready. To. Use. No chopping, no slow cooking, no diluting, just open, and work your magic. Use these amazing and diverse sauces as they are, or combine with your own flavors to make something new. Up your vinaigrette game. Toss with veggies or wings. Brush it onto your protein before grilling. Mix with other sauces. Do it your way. You have a world of flavors at your fingertips.

Usage Ideas From Our Kitchens

  • Make simple vinaigrettes and dressings by whisking oil into Chile Garlic, Sweet Chili, or Zesty Orange Sauce. No need for emulsification!
  • Create a flavorful pickling agent by adding to vinegar, salt, and enough water to fill a jar. Bring to a boil and steep with sliced vegetables.
  • Embellish our sauces with your favorite liqueur for a next-level dessert sauce.
  • Add some fresh fruit to create a multi-dimensional, flavorful chutney.

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