Minor’s: Trusted by Chefs

Four bottles of Minor's Drizzles Finishing sauces. Flavors shown: Maple Bourbon BBQ, Misoyaki, Chipotle Lim, and Lemongrass BBQ

Finish boldly.

Finish with MINOR’S® Drizzles.

Two plated images

Make It With Minor’s®: Flavor Concentrates

Make it over-the-top. Not over complicated. See how Minor’s helps our chefs make it possible.

A burger and fries with a Tub of Minor's Beef Base in the background

Make It With Minor’s®: Bases

Make it easy to create. And impossible to resist. Let our chefs show you how it's done.

Split image. On left a closeup of a whisk stirring a brown sauce. On the right a hand pouring a sauce on a colorful plated dish.

Make It With Minor’s®: A Classic Foundation

Make it personal. Make it delectable. Watch our chefs make it happen.

Side-by-side closeups of chefs hands prepping dishes

Make It With Minor’s®: Vegan Alfredo

One sauce. Two Minor’s Chefs. Endless possibilities.

A split photo of a plate of food featuring Caramelized Vegetable Stir-Fry and a Cheesy Beefsteak Hoagie

Flavor Knows No limits

Set a place for everyone at your table.

Minor’s Logo Mark

Working hand-in-hand, mind-to-menu. We are a culinary collective much greater than the sum of its parts.

A bowl of Chicken Ramen with egg and nori sheet

Spotlight On Flavor

Flavor Means Business™. Minor’s® Knows Both.

Chicken Base

Beef Base

Vegetable Base

Lobster Base

The Chef-to-Chef Difference

Our product is not an ingredient, it’s a partnership. With you. Think of us as your sous chef, your kitchen sidekick, your friend from culinary school.