Pork Bases

Everything's better with pork. Achieve that slow-roasted flavor profile in an instant with our premium pork bases. Is your mouth watering yet? Try this truly versatile platform for soups, sauces, gravies, and so much more.

A bahn mi bowl containing jalapeños, carrots, rice, pork, and peanuts topped with Minor’s® Gluten Free GreenLeaf Basil Pesto

Usage Ideas From Our Kitchens

  • Add Ham Base to mayo to create a flavorful BLT or burger topping.
  • Use Pork Base and Fire Roasted Poblano Concentrate together to create a Latin pozole.
  • Combine the Pork Base with Roasted Garlic and Ancho Flavor Concentrates to create a rub or marinade.
  • Add Ham Base to your alfredo sauce to create a carbonara-style pasta dish.

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