A spoon dripping vegan alfredo sauce onto a pasta dish

Vegan Alfredo

Smooth. Velvety. Decadent. And plant-based.

Made from oat milk, our Vegan Alfredo eliminates the prep work while serving up a sauce that’s anything but limiting. Toss it with pasta. Spread it on pizza. Use it as a sauce. It’s ready to eat and ready to be savored by everyone at the table.

Usage Ideas From Our Kitchens

  • Toss with fresh fettuccine, bean pastas and vegetable noodles.
  • Spread as a white sauce on pizzas, flatbreads and paninis.
  • Use as a base in soups and chowders.
  • Mix with MINOR’S® Chipotle Flavor Concentrate for a quick, spicy enchilada sauce
  • Use as a binder in Arancini

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