Seared Salmon with Poblano Hollandaise

Seasoning Blends

With a little concentration, you can achieve perfection.

Our versatile and diverse flavor concentrates can instantly elevate your menu. From traditional to global-- and everything in between-- we've got you covered.

Usage Ideas from Our Kitchen

  • Concentrate mashed potatoes, rice, or mayo for an instant Tuscan flavor profile
  • Add the quintessential flavor of Roasted Garlic concentrate to elevate traditional comfort food like mashed potatoes or gravy.
  • Add Fire Roasted Poblano Concentrate into white queso to create a spicy cheese dip
  • Mix Chipotle into Zesty Orange Ready-to-Use Sauce to create a dipping sauce for wings or shrimp.
  • Create speed-scratch authentic Indian flavors with the tap of a spoon.

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