A bowl of Chicken Ramen with egg and nori sheet

Reduced Stocks

Classically prepared. Deeply inspired.

Spend your time developing dishes that define you and perfecting your craft, not making time-consuming stocks. We slow-cooked the finest ingredients to capture classic tradition and offer rich, savory flavor and mouthfeel to elevate so many dishes. Our reduced stocks allow you to whip up a savory, rich pan sauce in minutes. Make it a classical sauce. Make it a one-of-a-kind signature sauce. Make something that has never been made before. We did the legwork, now you work your magic.

Usage Ideas From Our Kitchens

  • Add robust flavor freely with a foundational chicken stock reduction that tastes like it’s from-scratch and is ready to help build your menu and fascinate flavor seekers.
  • Craft à la minute pan sauces by adding just a spoonful to fresh herbs, aromatics, and wine.
  • Braise tough cuts of meat in Reduced Brown Stock for maximum flavor and tenderness. Reduce for a flavorful demi sauce.
  • Craft a velvety, robust vegetable chowder by incorporating Reduced Vegetable Stock.

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