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Food Halls: The Next Big Thing

On my last trip to New York City, I took myself on a little field trip to check out some of the many exciting food halls that have opened there.

Travel the World with Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the ultimate portable handheld. Given their popularity, they’re also the perfect vehicle for menu innovation, particularly in the area of global flavors and ingredients.

Feed That Ramen Addiction

Ramen is one of those classic Japanese foods that has achieved cult status here in the United States, second only to sushi.

The Benedict Revival

Grilled levain bread topped with a smoked fishcake, harissa hollandaise, and poached egg. Eggs Benedict, prosciutto di Parma, burrata, toasted muffin, crushed truffle, hollandaise, parmesan potato gratin, and greens.

The Toastmasters

What a difference a decade makes! Not so long ago, toast was something served for breakfast, or maybe as the base for a canapé.

The Role of Acidity in Flavor

Have a soup that’s bland? A sauce that seems leaden, or a vegetable dish that needs a boost? Think acid.

New Wave Old World Delis

What do you think of when you hear the word “deli?” What goes through my mind are all the traditional Old World shops with delicious cured meats hanging in the windows, the Italian salumerias or Jewish delicatessens that have been making sandwiches and selling traditional foods for many, many dec

Chefs on Duty: Cooking and Connecting During Covid-19
A chef sharpening their knife while wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

Across the country, chefs are adapting their menus, missions, and operations to a world turned upside-down—and exploring the industry with fresh eyes. Since we’re in the business of connecting chefs with great ideas, we wanted to capture some of these stories for you.

A Simple Indian Pantry
Overhead table shot of Masala Curry in takeout-style containers with cans of sparking water.

Introducing new menu items with Indian flair can be a daunting proposition: all those unfamiliar spices and complicated sauces.

Fortunately, there are many straightforward ingredients and ready-to-use products that can help make the task much simpler.

Quality and Value in Plant-Based Cuisine
Eggplant Stuffed with Winter Wheat Berries

There’s no doubt that the move to flexitarian dining styles and plant-based menu items is transforming the way many chefs cook.

East Meets West With Asian-style Barbecue

What do Filipino inihaw, Korean kalbi, and Japanese yakitori have in common? They’re all Asian methods of grilling and barbecuing that are ripe for translation onto mainstream menus. Grilled foods are very popular on American menus, and so is barbecue, from steaks and chicken to ribs.

The Big Menu Cleanup

The exact meaning of terms like “clean label” and “clean eating” may be a little hard to pin down, but make no mistake: A lot of consumers—particularly among the influential Millennial and Gen Z generation—are interested in them.