Chef Christopher BrittonCEC

Chef Christopher Britton likes to play with his food. He likes to take classic foods and give them a modern twist. He likes to solve problems, tweak food for evolving tastes and diets. He likes the process of scouring a walk-in fridge for ingredients to concoct the night's specials. “Watching empty plates come back to the dish room,” says Chef Christopher, “is my definition of the best thing I cook, at least for that night.”

As for what's on his personal menu? He's never met a pizza he wouldn't eat. “While I grew up on Chicago Deep Dish, I find a thin crusted, well-blistered, Neapolitan style pizza with healthier ingredients such as arugula, roasted figs and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil better fits my lifestyle.”

Chef Christopher Britton chopping onions in the kitchen

More About This Chef

Favorite Food

Spicy Latin-American cuisine, due to its diverse and regional nuances. My guilty pleasures are doughnuts, pizza, and craft beers.

Favorite Minor’s® Product:

Minor’s® Classic Reductions Reduced Chicken Broth. It is as close to a from-scratch broth that I have tried.

Geographic Region



Cordon Bleu (Formerly California Culinary Academy), Culinary Arts, San Francisco

12-month Internship, Campton Place Hotel

Bachelor’s Degree, Stratford University

Major Achievements/Awards

3-star rating – Boston Globe

2nd place finish – Chicago Chocolate Dessert Competition

Certified Executive Chef, ACF

Accredited Culinary Evaluator, ACF

Work History

  • 11 years managing the back-of-the-house operations in restaurants, hotels, catering and fine-dining yachts
  • 2 years as a broker chef