Asian Broth Bowl

Asian Broth Bowl


  • Ginger puree

  • Lemongrass, puree

  • Garlic, puree

  • Soy sauce

  • MAGGI® Seasoning

  • Fish sauce (remove for vegetarian bowl)

  • Sesame oil Add Five Spice powder for a Pho profile

  • MINOR’S® Classical Reductions Reduced Chicken Stock

  • Protein of choice:chicken, duck, tofu, or 7 minute egg

  • Starch of choice: rice, udon, ramen

  • Garnishes: Bean sprouts, shredded carrot, cilantro, Thai basil Or, add Napa  cabbage for extra crunch, or jalapeno pepper slices for a fresh kick.

Build It

  1. Create reduction or tare. In a small bowl, mix first seven ingredients, plus five spice, if desired.
  2. Create your broth foundation using the Classical Reductions to produce a fully flavored stock, add in reduction to your desired taste preference. Hold hot for service.
  3. Add hot noodles to bowl, finish with your broth. Add meat of choice, or keep it vegetarian with tofu.
  4. Serve with appropriate garnishes. Optional: use this same broth for rice bowls, of as a cooking liquid for rice or quinoa.