Get Creative with Classical Reductions

We did the legwork, now you work your magic.

It’s a balancing act we as chefs know so well: attempting to consistently deliver big complex flavors that wow guests–with limited time, labor, and resources. You’re not one to cut corners, especially when it comes to the food you’ve spent a career perfecting.

Enter MINOR’S® Classical Reductions. It’s your secret weapon, saving you a whole lot of time and effort, while delivering robust, complex flavors. Our Secret ingredient? “There is no secret ingredient,” laughs Minor’s Chef Jordan Weber. “As a chef, I want to know exactly what's going in my food. And I know my customers want the same. With Classical Reductions, chefs can feel really good about what they’re serving their guests.” By taking the guesswork–and legwork–out of the culinary process, you can concentrate on the fun part: making your vision a reality. 

Swap out your everyday stocks with stock made from Classical Reductions and see the depth of flavor in your dishes grow.

Chef Jordan Weber

We know that versatility is key. Our Classical Reductions reduced stocks elevate any dish by delivering slow-simmered flavor with ease. Here are some of Chef Jordan’s favorite ways to use it in her kitchen:


  • Give any stock or broth instant depth with a scoop of Classical Reductions.
  • Elevate gravies and stews with scratch-quality flavor, in minutes.
  • Braise tough cuts of meat for maximum deliciousness and tenderness
  • Reduce for a velvety demi-glace.
  • Craft à la minute pan sauces by adding just a spoonful to fresh herbs, aromatics, and wine.


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