Half-plate of eggplant and half a bowl of soup

Make it with MINOR’S®: Vegan Alfredo

There are endless ways to make it with MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo. Make it creamy. Make it comforting. Make it versatile. And make it in minutes. Its unique ability to go beyond pasta and serve up inclusive solutions for chefs’ exclusive visions inspired us to ask our very own Minor’s Chefs, how do you Make it with MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo?

Enter: Minor’s Chefs Logan McCoy and Felix Maietta.

On the menu are two very different dishes using the same MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo product. For Chef Maietta it’s all about comfort with his Winter Squash Bisque featuring roasted butternut squash, pumpkin, sauteed shiitake and crimini mushrooms, onions, shallots and—you guessed it— MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo. Finished with crunchy, toasted pepitas, Chef Maietta confirms what we’re all thinking, “it’s gonna be delicious.” On the other side of the kitchen, Chef Logan’s going all in on his mission to make it simple and craveable. Inspired by modern and middle eastern flavors, he’s bringing the heat with his creamed grilled eggplant coddled egg with a spicy zhoug sauce and grilled pita. Spoiler alert: it looks as incredible as it sounds.

The Sauceabilities

“So we’re going to start off with our Vegan Alfredo Sauce,” explains Chef Maietta as he cuts open the sauce. “This is a great product that provides a speed scratch application, which will save you a lot of time in your production kitchen.” And he’s not the only one excited about this one. “For us, it’s nice that we could take the product out of the freezer and it’s ready to go within minutes,” says Chef Logan. In place of butter and whole milk, he decides to use MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo in the base of his grilled eggplant potato puree. “Having the versatility of that product to be able to be used whenever you need it is highly important,” he continues.

It’s about speed scratch cooking.

MINOR’S Chef Maietta

With both dishes completed, plated and garnished, it’s time for the real fun to begin. After exchanging plates, both chefs dive in for a bite. And another...and another. Mission: completed.

The Challenge: Make It & Share it

Feeling inspired? Use the hashtag #MakeItWithMinors to show us how you Make It with MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo. And stay tuned for more episodes to see how our chefs Make It with more of our go-to Minor’s products.