Chef Christopher Britton preparing food in a kitchen

Chef Britton’s Take: Is Tarragon the Forgotten Herb?

A Note from Chef Britton:

Nothing evokes memories of culinary school more than the smell of tarragon. Perhaps because this delicate and aromatic herb essential in the French style of cooking was embedded in my culinary training over those two years in school. Or maybe because I rarely use it (as it doesn’t grow well in the humidity of the mid-Atlantic region) and when I do, my olfactory nerves instantly take me back.

Whenever I go back to visit my mom in California, she always has a pot of fresh tarragon growing on the deck. It is then that I find myself asking why I don’t use it more frequently. Tarragon imparts a very distinguishable, anise flavor that pairs well with fish, cream sauce and poultry. It is easy to clean and destem and can be chopped and sprinkled over seared chicken with a buttery glace made with our MINOR’S® Classical Reductions Reduced Chicken Stock for a rich, savory sauce in minutes.

Another one of my favorites, a simple cheese omelet topped with vine-ripened tomatoes and a pinch of sea salt is taken to a new level of delight with just a pinch of this freshly chopped herb. It stores well either on the kitchen counter inserted in a glass of water or wrapped in a wet paper towel and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

I suppose as I write this article, that I just talked myself into incorporating tarragon into more of my menus. Not just because it is a beautiful and flavorful herb, but because of the memories that come with each dish I create. I invite you to my Pappardelle with Sweet Pea Vegan Alfredo recipe featuring MINOR’S® Vegan Alfredo. It’s delightfully decadent, perfectly herbaceous, and in my opinion, all the things a truly irresistible pasta should be.

Enjoy and here’s to hoping you will create your own happy memories in the process.

– Minor’s Chef Christopher Britton