A chef spooning red sauce onto a dish

Get seasonal. Go global.


We’re going global. For 2022, Asian-inspired cuisines continue to take a bigger bite of restaurant’s menus—from big chains to small dining rooms—and we’re all in.1

Here are a few reasons I’m excited to embrace global flavors this season:


Now more than ever, vegans are turning to Asian cuisines for flavors that excite.1 Robust ingredients like soy, fish, and oyster sauce offer hints of umami to serve as a worthy replacement—and contender—to meat’s historical role on the plate.

Cost Effective

While labor is at an all time low, the ability to bring a range of fresh, dynamic, and enticing cuisine to your menu can still remain high. With a range of time-saving, flavor-forward products, Minor’s® is ready to help you make it globally inspired—and totally attainable.


42% of consumers reported that eating out was the first thing they cut to save money.2 So when they do go out, they want something they can’t make at home. Tempt them with global flavor profiles that push their boundaries. Plus, exotic flavors present opportunities for plant-based cuisine, another trend gaining momentum across the culinary world.

It’s a new season full of fresh inspiration and opportunity. We can’t wait to see what you create.

1 Tastewise, 2022
2 Datassential, 2021