A person using Minor's Lemongrass BBQ drizzle to coat a bowl of chicken wings


The finishing touch.

That last crucial detail that elevates a dish from mouthwatering, to mind-blowing. MINOR’S® Drizzles are ready to use right out of the squeeze bottle–no messy mixing or re-filling. Use it as a sauce. A spread. A filling. If you can imagine it, Drizzles can make it happen. 

Usage Ideas From Our Kitchens

  • Up your pizza game by using Maple Bourbon BBQ Drizzle as a sauce or drizzle over barbecue chicken pizza.
  • Achieve complex Asian flavors for stir-fry and noodle dishes in seconds with Misoyaki Drizzle.
  • Drizzle Lemongrass BBQ Drizzle over chicken wings for a Thai-inspired showstopper.
  • Bring bright flavor (and heat!) to your tacos in seconds with a dash of Chipotle Lime Drizzle. No prep required.

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