Cooking Without Borders - Minors

Up Your Global Flavor Game

Interest in global cuisine has piqued. And with it, opens a world of opportunities for chefs looking to take their menus to the next level.

It’s true: diners are craving something new. With so many options at their fingertips, the desire for unique and unfamiliar flavor experiences is at an all-time high with no signs of slowing anytime soon. As chefs, we must continue to raise the bar—to keep things interesting and provide diners with something fresh and unexpected. Enter: the power of global flavors.

Global cuisine requires ingredients and knowledge that many diners might not have, and new territory that could be intimidating for some. This is where you come in: give diners what they want, re-awaken their buds with fresh new flavor profiles to satiate that craving for something they can’t make at home. 

Get Inspired

We’re not suggesting you reinvent the wheel, or stray from your vision for your kitchen. Instead, put a twist on a tried-and-true menu item by adding global flavors. Turn up the heat on your house burger with a Latin-inspired Avocado and Chipotle Beef Burger. Work MINORS® Masala Curry Flavor Concentrate into a slow-cooked meat dish for a taste of India. Give diners a taste of something familiar with bright new flavors they’ve never had before. That’s just the start of what our flavor concentrates can bring to a dish in a matter of minutes. Scratch-like flavor from around the World, at your fingertips.


It’s no secret that diners are seeking more plant-based cuisine. It’s a trend that has been on the rise in recent years, accelerated by recent supply chain issues leading to rising meat prices. Customers are actively seeking vegetable-forward dishes, and globally-inspired—particularly Asian—cuisine can be an ideal vehicle to meet that demand.

“If you look at cuisines all over the world, lots of dishes are plant-based,” explains Minor’s Innovation Chef Logan McCoy. It’s very easy to incorporate plant-based concepts into global cuisine and not feel like you’re missing meat.”


Now here’s where we come in. MINOR’S® is here for you, with scratch-like flavor, available to you in seconds. We’ll put in the labor, so you can focus on crafting the perfect dish for your menu.

“We want to save you time, labor, and money,” says Chef Logan. “We want to allow the operator to really dive into their cuisine. We’re here to support that, and drive innovation.”

Truthfully, it’s one of our favorite parts of what we do. Nothing makes us happier than giving you the tools to let your food shine.